Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wednesday's Stars of the day - Isaac and Troy

Tuesday's Stars of the Day - Charlotte and Lucy

House Colours Day - Friday 11th March

This Friday (11th March), children can come to school wearing something in the colour of their school house. This can be a ribbon, a wristband a hat, a top or anything at all. The children will all have lunch together sitting in their houses. If your child doesn't have anything in their house colour, don't stress, that is no problem. Its just meant to be a fun day where the children can all get together in houses for the first time.

Your child has been allocated to a house and colour, here are the details:

Harakeke - Green
Emily C, Blair, Troy, Cailin, Emily K, Mabel

Kahu Kiwi - Blue
Izzy, Emily L, Narges, Arlo, Holly, Indigo, Kape

Korowai - Yellow
Billie, Amelia, Lucy, Eli, Isaac, Sam M

Whitau - Red
Jayde, Tom, Charlotte, Emily, India, Stella, Tyler

Friday, 4 March 2016

Learning Through Play - Bees

Today we had Scarlett, Luke, Tahlia and Eva visiting the Pukeko Nest. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Holly's mum Aletta, and Tahlia's mum Bridget for all your help!

Following on from their 'Wondering' of 'What do bees use their antennae for?' our learning centred around learning about the honey bee's anatomy.

They learned that a honey bee has a head, 5 eyes, a thorax, 4 wings, an abdomen, 6 legs, and a sting. They created bees out of mixed media for art, and created their own drawings. They also did a waggle dance, and honey bee rap. For science they recreated an accurate anatomy of a honey bee using playdough and pipe cleaners, and for technology they created a bee from recycled materials. 

And the answer to their 'Wondering' was that bees use their antennae to feel, taste and check the temperature!