Spelling Words

These are the spelling words that your child will start to learn when they are ready.

They will begin on List One, then move to List Two, and progress through the levels.  When your child is ready for spelling words, they will receive 5 per week for them to focus on.  

They will be tested on their words on a Friday and they will need to be able to recall and write the words when prompted.

Some great activities to help your child learn their words at home are:
  • Spellosaur app for the iPad
  • Cutting out two copies of the list your child is on and and turn them into a matching game. Play with your child and when they match a word get them to write it down.
  • Using the laminated words, stick a piece of magnetic tape on the back, and stick them to your fridge. Ask your child to race to get you a certain word. When they get the right one celebrate that, and get them to write it down.
When young children are starting their learning journey it can be extremely frustrating when they repeatedly don't get seemingly easy words. It's important to be patient and remember your child will learn at their own pace. Always be positive and never force them to learn.

We'll send a laminated copy home when your child is ready for spelling words.

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