Friday, 12 February 2016

Learning Through Play - Bees

Today we started our Learning Through Play Inquiry on Bees. The children shared what they know about bees - "They sting, They make honey, They live in houses called hives", and what they would like to know - "Do birds lay their eggs? How do they make the honey? Would they sting you if you stood on them with shoes on?"

We will add to their 'Wonderings' and continue to answer their questions as this topic develops.

Today we had 4 visitors to the Pukeko Nest - Samuel, Lucy, Stella, and Emily C.

The children all created a craft bee which they have taken home, and early finishers started to build what they thought a hive would look like out of LEGO.

Blair found some LEGO antennae and became a bee!

Indigo showed GRIT by persevering and showing resilience while completing her bee - well done Indigo!

Emily took her time creating detail on her bee - displaying pride in her hard work.  Ka pai Emily!

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