Friday, 26 February 2016

Learning Through Play - Our Bee Inquiry

We welcomed 4 children into the Pukeko Nest on orientation this afternoon - Emily C, Esme, Luke, and Eva.

From the children's previous 'Wonderings' today they have learned that birds don't lay the bee's eggs, the queen bee does; that a beehive looks like lots of hexagonal cells which is where the honey is made; and that bees transfer pollen from flowers to the beehive to make the honey. They also learned that bees talk to each other by doing a waggle dance.

They also had the chance to be technologists and create a beehive, and create a bee mask.

The children's next 'Wonderings' are - What are the antennae used for? How is nectar from flowers used? What are the people (beekeepers) wearing?

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